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Delivery Plan

The Delivery Plans have been developed following consultations with a broad range of stakeholders, including other Research Councils and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and also take account of Research Councils' own visions and strategic priorities.

The Delivery Plans are part of a comprehensive Performance Management System which enables BEIS to demonstrate the contribution that each Research Council is making towards achieving government targets.

Research Councils UK published the latest Delivery Plan for RCUK Integrated Activities in May 2010. The format for this Delivery Plan for 2010-11 and its associated scorecard have been simplified from previous years and they explicitly concentrate on activities that have been integrated across the seven Research Councils.

Details of the financial allocations from the science budget for the CSR2007 period can be found here.

RCUK's Delivery Plan Report for 2009-10

RCUK's Delivery Plan (Updated for 2010/11)

RCUK Delivery plan 2011-2015

RCUK's Scorecard (Updated for 2010/11)

RCUK's Delivery Plan 2015/16

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