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Efficiency 2011-15: Ensuring Excellence with Impact

Publication front cover From early 2011, the Research Councils have been considering their response to the Wakeham Review. Over the same period, the economic climate has been rapidly evolving and, as part of the December budget allocation announcements, there are political expectations that substantial savings will be made. The Research Councils, together as RCUK, have therefore been considering in detail how to implement the efficiency savings recommended in the Wakeham Report as well as achieve the required additional savings whilst ensuring the sustainability of the research base.

This new report, Efficiency 2011-15: Ensuring Excellence with Impact, sets out how the Research Councils intend to make these savings. These plans have been put together in order to protect research as a vital resource for the future.

Collectively across the entire research community – in HEIs, institutes as well as research and funding councils – it must be demonstrated that savings have been achieved in order to achieve greater efficiency for the investment of public money. All of the funds saved will remain within the ring fence to be reinvested in science and research.

The report, Efficiency 2011-15: Ensuring Excellence with Impact, which details the plans, is available here .

The final efficiency report for the full 2011-2016 programme is available here .

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