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The UK at AAAS

British researchers and institutions are involved in many of the sessions at the 2017 AAAS Annual Meeting. Their talks will cover a range of topics, reflecting the breadth of the UK’s research excellence and demonstrating that the UK is the best place in the world to do research, innovate and grow business.

The UK at AAAS


Friday 17 February:

Saturday 18 February:

Sunday 19 February:

The Research Councils are also hosting an international reception at the AAAS meeting on the evening of 18 February at the Skywalk Observatory high-rise viewing area at the top of the Prudential Tower. 

Please see here for information on how to find us at the event.

The UK Research Councils

One of the UK's representatives, Sarah Nicols from the Economic and Social Research Council, has written a blog piece on research being presented at the event. RCUK have also released a collective statement supporting the aims of AAAS.


As two of the strongest research systems in the world, the UK and the US have long been partners in research . The US is the first choice partner for many of the UK's best researchers and vice versa.

To build the strength of this relationship, the UK Research Councils established an RCUK team in the USA. The team works primarily with US federal funders and endowments to promote dialogue between our communities and create an environment that fosters collaboration - 

Research Councils International Activities

Each of the UK Research Councils engages in a number of international activities across the globe:

RCUK also host an International Team on behalf of the Research Councils.

RCUK Gateway to Research

The RCUK Gateway to Research is the best way to explore the breadth of activities funded by the Research Councils. The site contains summaries of all research grants as well as collaborative activities -

Case Studies

Examples of our impacts from working with international partners can be found below:

Connect at AAAS

Case studies, announcements and news releases will be available throughout AAAS. Follow RCUK below and use hashtag #AAASmtg #ResearchIsGREAT to stay updated.

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