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RCUK Executive Directorate

The RCUK Partnership is supported by a small Executive Directorate, working with people across the Research Councils to stimulate and encourage cross-Council collaboration. The Executive Directorate's role is to foster cross-Council working where it makes sense. It works equally across the Councils to provide the platforms, tools and impetus for optimum joint working. The Executive Directorate helps the Councils collectively present themselves to the outside world at time, and in response, to issues where a group is more powerful than seven single voices.

RCUK Executive Directorate activities include:

  • Devising the work programme for the RCUK partnership, aligning individual Council and RCUK business through the RCUK delivery plan;

  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to align RCUK activities with wider Government priorities and coordinate joint activities such as Research Councils engagement in Government Spending Reviews, inputs for briefings and information requests;

  • Working with Council staff, BEIS and others to lead or enable the development of RCUK frameworks, processes and projects to strengthen and improve efficient and effective joint working between Research Councils e.g.

    • development of RCUK strategies and policy positions on important issues;

    • development of the RCUK administration strategy and plan for making more progress on administrative harmonisation and convergence.

  • Identifying and facilitating activities to increase the collective policy influence of the Research Councils e.g. by representing Research Councils interests externally, promoting RCUK policies, identifying strategic issues where a collective view from the Research Councils will add value; and coordinating joint Council inputs to Parliamentary and Government inquiries;

  • Coordinating resources to make it easier for external organisations and individuals to engage collectively with the Research Councils e.g. by providing comparable data and information on Councils activities, organising meetings and visits, and managing the RCUK website;

  • Identifying and undertaking activities for collectively raising the external visibility of the Research Councils and RCUK e.g. developing and delivering the RCUK external relations strategy via media interviews, press releases, events and publications;

  • Coordinating the work programmes for RCUK Executive Group and cross-Research Council working groups.

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