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Research Councils Libraries & Information Consortium (RESCOLINC)

The Research Council Libraries & Information Consortium (RESCOLINC) is the focal point of the Library & Information Services of the UK Research Councils. Its aim is to obtain optimum information service supply benefits in support of researchers across the entire Research Council sector.

RESCOLINC is associated with the RCUK Research Outputs Network.


Constitution of RESCOLINC

RESCOLINC is a formalised group of representatives from the Research Councils libraries and affiliated libraries. UK SBS is represented in an advisory capacity. RESCOLINC is managed by a Working Group and a chairperson is nominated from within the Working Group for a two-year tenure. The Working Group comprises one member from each Research Council active within RESCOLINC though other members may be co-opted as necessary. RESCOLINC is an advisory body and a voluntary group operating without any funding or other forms of income.

Currently the only Research Councils with libraries are BBSRC (including Scottish Research Institutes), MRC, NERC, STFC. These all participate in RESCOLINC. Membership is open to all RC and affiliated libraries.


  • To provide the Research Councils with efficient and cost effective library information services for the benefit of scientific research


  • To provide a forum for libraries to communicate and collaborate with each other for the purpose of sharing resources and exchanging information
  • To provide a mechanism for libraries to effectively collaborate both internally and externally to the Research Councils
  • To enable libraries to enter into joint negotiations with publishers either directly or via the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) or other appropriate organisations
  • To hold formal meetings (twice a year) to discuss common issues and formulate actions to address matters arising
  • To maintain communications via the lis-rescolinc email discussion group or a similar mechanism
  • To amalgamate common requirements for contracting purposes where appropriate
  • To provide a representative forum for librarians as a quorum or by other voting methods, to make joint decisions

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