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Contacting Us

Contact information for the RCUK Executive Directorate and the individual Research Councils can be accessed using the links below. Instructions on how to reach us are also available.

Please note: all enquiries for UK Shared Business Services Ltd (including procurement and recruitment for the Councils) should be directed to the SBS Service Centre and contact details can be found here. For general enquiries for UK SBS please contact 01793 867000.

You can also search this page directly - 

Contact Points for RCUK Grants Team

Online Support for the Je-S System users

Je-S Helpdesk Tel: 01793 444164 or email

Contact this team for:

  • Assistance with using Je-S or have questions regarding its use. The Helpdesk is staffed Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm (excluding bank holidays and other holidays).

Grants Internal Service Desk Tel: 01793 867120 or email

Contact this team for:

  • Guidance on which RCUK Grants Team to contact.
  • Assistance with internal Grant (Siebel) system issues – Research Council users should raise a Siebel Enquiry

Operations Team

Grant Acceptance, Offer and Management Tel: 01793 867121 or email

Contact this team for:

  • Support of “Active” Grants through their life cycle e.g. Grant transfer requests
  • Grant payments
  • Final reconciliation of Grants
  • Checking the submitted Proposals against Business Rules.
  • Preparation of Grant offers

Quality Control

Process Support Tel: 01793 867120 or email

Contact this team for:

  • Assistance and advice on Research Council Standard Operating Procedures and Business Rules
  • Continuous Improvement/Business Requirements
  • System Change Requests
  • System Releases

System Support

Tel: 01793 867130 or

Contact this team for:

  • Management of Research Organisation & Contacts
  • Scoping & setting up new Calls and Schemes, including confirmation of resource & timescales
  • Campaigns Support, e.g. Peer Review Colleges

Funding eligibility and remit questions

Research Councils are the contact point for your field of interest and will help with questions on remit and overall funding eligibility, they will also deal with any enquiries in connection with the following peer review processes:

  • Reviewers
  • Meetings
  • Panels
  • Colleges

Full contact details are available from individual Research Council websites:

Survey results

We also periodically survey our customers and responses feed into service improvement plans.

RCUK Grants Service newsletter

View and sign up to the Grants newsletter here.

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UK Shared Business Services Ltd

Details on how to contact the UK Shared Business Services Ltd can be found here.

Companies seeking information or interested in becoming a supplier should go to and visit the Procurement section for more information, alternatively please call 01793 867005.

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The Research Councils

For specific enquires, please contact the individual Research Councils using the details below:


Polaris House
North Star Ave

Tel: 01793 444000


Polaris House
North Star Ave

Tel: 01793 413200


Polaris House
North Star Ave

Tel: 01793 444000


Polaris House
North Star Ave

Tel: 01793 413000


Polaris House
North Star Avenue

Tel: 01793 416200


Polaris House
North Star Ave

Tel: 01793 411500


Polaris House
North Star Ave

Tel: 01793 442000

RCUK Executive Directorate

Specific information for Researchers and Students

Please note that the RCUK Executive Directorate does not provide research funding or studentship opportunities but works with people across the Research Councils to encourage cross-Council collaboration.

Studentship funding is either awarded directly to universities and research organisations; or the application process for studentship funding has to be completed with the relevant institution. Therefore potential students should contact the institution at which they wish to undertake a research degree.

The Research Councils provide funding to UK universities, Research Council Institutes and a number of other independent research organisations in the form of research grants and fellowships. Each of the Research Councils publishes information on its website about funding opportunities and how to apply for funding. This information can be accessed by following the "How to apply for funding" link in the respective Research Council's contact details below.

General enquiries please contact:

Polaris House
North Star Avenue

Associate Director, Policy and Analysis
Alexandra Saxon
Tel: 01793 444474

Hayley Grover
PA to Associate Director, Policy and Analysis, and Programme Manager for Grand Challenge Fund 
Tel: 01793 442583

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RCUK Communications

For press enquiries, please contact the RCUK Communications team on:

Tel: 01793 444593

For website enquiries, please contact:

Tel: 01793 442638


Rachel Reynolds
Senior Policy Manager

Pamela Hicks
Senior Policy Manager

Public Engagement

Head of RCUK Public Engagement with Research
Dr Jenni Chambers

Jonathan Wakefield
PA to Head of International & Head of Public Engagement with Research
Tel: 01793 444075

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)

For general enquiries, please contact:

Tel: 01793 444592

Research Careers and Diversity

For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK Research Careers and Diversity

Disabled Students Allowance

Contacts for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) for individual Research Councils are detailed below:


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For general enquiries, including funding and remit queries, please contact

Head of RCUK International
Michael Bright

Jonathan Wakefield
PA to Head of International & Head of Public Engagement with Research
Tel: 01793 444075

Newton Fund

For general enquiries, please contact

Newton Fund Strategic Lead
Jacqui Williams

Senior International Policy Manager- Newton Fund
Roshni Abedin

International Policy Manager- Newton Fund
Laura Bones

RCUK Newton Fund Officer
Josh Moulding

RCUK Newton Fund Officer
Jane Primrose

RCUK Newton Support Delivery Administrator
Ryan Warren

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RCUK China

General enquiries please contact:

RCUK China Team
British Embassy Beijing
11 Guang Hua Lu
Beijing 100600

Map and directions

Grace Lang (Lin LANG)

Deputy Director
Glen Noble

Programme Coordinator
Zeying (Maggie) Hu

Administrative and Office Manager
Jialin Yu

For press enquiries, please contact:

Communications & Programme Manager
Jack Smith

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RCUK India

For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK India
British High Commission
New Delhi 110021

Tel: +91 11 2419 2370

Daniel Shah
Tel: +91 11 2419 2415

Deputy Director
Sukanya Kumar-Sinha
Tel: +91 11 2419 2123

Newton Fund Delivery Programme Manager
Monika Sharma
Tel: +91 11 2419 2309

Senior Programme Manager
Andrew Telford
Tel: +91 11 2419 2416

Communications and Programme Manager
Geeny George Shaju
Tel: + 91 11 24192637

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For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK Office in the USA
British Embassy
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20008-3600

Dr Stephen Elsby
Tel: +1 202 588 7693
Fax: +1 202 588 7901

Chloë Somers
Deputy Director
Tel: +1 202 588 7690
Fax: +1 202 588 7901  

You can stay up to date with RCUK USA via their Twitter feed.

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UK Research Office

For general enquiries, please contact:

UK Research Office (UKRO)
Rue du Trône, 4
1000 Brussels

Tel: 00 32 2 230 1535 / 5275
Fax: 00 32 2 230 4803

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Audit and Assurance Services Group (AASG)

For general enquiries, please contact:

Director of Internal Audit

Tel: 01793 413285
Fax: 01793 413376

Research Councils Libraries & Information Consortium (RESCOLINC)

For general enquiries, please contact:

Kate West, Librarian –
NBI Partnership
Norwich Bioscience Institutes
Norwich Research Park
Norwich NR4 7UH

Tel 01603 450674
Fax 01603 450045

Other members of the RESCOLINC Working Group are:

MRC - Arwen Tapping, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

NERC - Joan Bird, NERC Library Service (NLS)

STFC – Debbie Franks, STFC Daresbury Laboratory

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Funding and policy information

RCUK/Innovate UK Urban Living partnership

Mike Pitts (Innovate UK) (Project Co-Chair),, 07920 210844

Gary Grubb (AHRC) (Project Co-Chair),, 01793 416006

Media and communications enquiries should be directed to Chris Buratta,, 01793 444451

RCUK Assurance Programme

For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK Head of Assurance
Gareth MacDonald
Tel: 01793 413222

Ian Bell
RCUK Assurance Consultant 
Tel: 01793 413178

Amanda Martin
RCUK Assurance Associate
Tel: 01793 443317

Lucy Davidson
RCUK Assurance Associate
Tel: 01793 411480

Sue Whittaker
RCUK Assurance Associate
Tel: 01793 442828

Hayley Purps
RCUK Assurance Associate (International)
Tel: 01793 442885

RCUK Funding Assurance
Polaris House
North Star Avenue

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Eligibility for Research Council funding

Any organisation wishing to apply for IRO status should contact the Je-S helpdesk in the first instance. The Je-S helpdesk will then advice you of the process and send the appropriate documentation to be completed.

Peer Review Benchmarking

EPSRC manages Peer Review Benchmarking processes on behalf of all the Research Councils, for further information please contact the Project Officer: Michaela Simpson

Tel: 01793 44 4028

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RCUK Digital Economy Theme

Digital Economy Theme Lead
John Baird
Tel: 01793 444047

Digital Economy Theme Delivery Manager
Ruth Slade
Telling Tales of Engagement, Website, DE Mailing List, Meetings and Office Support
Tel: 01793 444261

Digital Economy Portfolio Managers: 

Claire Tansley
EPSRC Senior Portfolio Manager: User Engagement Review; Building Leaders (CDTs and career tracking, Fellowships); Next Stage DE activity; CDTs – Nottingham; UCL; QMUL; Network+ activity; Co-convenor for Connected Nation.
Tel: 01793 444540

Miriam Dowle
EPSRC Senior Portfolio Manager: Balancing Capability, PaCCS, TIPS 2.0, Personal Data and Trust Network.
Tel : 01793 444321

Tracy Keys
EPSRC Portfolio Manager: Delivering Impact; Studentship Coding; CDTs – Centre for Digital Civics; Web Science Doctoral Training Centre; Digital City Exchange; CREDIT; Intelligent Healthcare future activities; IoT – PETRAS.
Tel: 01793 444306

Jason Morgan
EPSRC Portfolio Manager: Content Creation; Developing Leaders; Researchers in Residence DE Catapult; DE CDTs at Bath / Bournemouth; York; DEN.
Tel: 01793 444117

Other Research Council contacts:

Heather Williams

Bruce Jackson

Charlotte Dormer

Innovate UK contact:

Stephen Browning
Innovate UK

Digital Economy Mailing List

We issue a monthly newsletter about activities and opportunities within the Digital Economy theme. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please e-mail Ruth Slade

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RCUK Energy Programme

Head of Programme
Kathryn Magnay
Tel: 01793 444 337

For specific Research Council enquiries please contact:

Ian Stanton
Tel: 01793 418013

Sophie Martin
Tel: 01793 413024

Beth House
Tel: 01793 442597

Blanche Wynn Jones
Tel: 01793 442541

Kevin Smith
Tel: 01235 446475

Katharine Hollinshead
Tel: 01793 442068

Energy Programme Portfolio Managers:

Neil Bateman
Nuclear Fusion
International Strategy, Communications
CDTs; Fusion
Tel: 01793 444496

Kate Bowman
Energy Networks, Nuclear Fission
Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) contact
CDTs; Next Generation Nuclear, ICO, Energy Networks
Tel: 01793 444099

Derek Craig
Fuel Cell Technology, Hydrogen and other Alternative Energy Vectors
Centres; Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Supergen
CDTs; Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Luke Davis
End Use Energy Demand, Energy Systems Catapult
Centres; End Use Energy Demand Centres
Tel: 01793 444478

Glenn Goodall
Wind Power, Marine Energy, Whole energy systems
Supergen Scheme Lead
Centres; Supergen Marine, Supergen Wind
CDTs; IDCORE, REMS, Wind & Marine
Tel: 01793 444427

Celia Yeung
Bioenergy, Carbon Capture and Storage, Energy Storage, Fossil Fuel Power Generation, Solar Technology
Centres; Supergen Bioenergy, Supergen Energy Storage, SuperSolar, UK CCS Research Centre
CDTs; Solar, Bioenergy, Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy, Energy Storage
Tel: 01793 444426

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Research Outcomes Support Team

The Research Outcomes Project has an email address through which you can raise queries or concerns, or make suggestions. All enquiries will be logged and responded to:

Stephen Smith
RCUK Outcomes Support Manager
Tel: 0800 2922 478

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