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RCUK/FAPESP Memorandum of Understanding

Photo of MoU signing event RCUK works in partnership with FAPESP, the Research Council for the State of São Paulo, to strengthen the existing research links between the UK and Brazil to help encourage and support proposals that involve international collaborative teams.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was first signed in 2009, in recognition of the success of this partnership the MoU was renewed December 2015 for a further five years, until 31st December 2020. The agreement not only strengthens the existing valuable research links between the UK and Brazil but by avoiding double jeopardy in funding applications, it removes some of the barriers facing international research collaboration.

  • RCUK receives and assesses the proposals from eligible applicants in both countries on behalf of both organisations.
  • Researchers submit a single joint proposal to the relevant UK Research Council who process the application according to their normal procedures.
  • FAPESP nominated experts are involved with the peer review and decision making process throughout.
  • The decision of the UK Research Council, with input from FAPESP, determines funding for both national elements of the joint research proposal.

Due to their respective different modes of funding and procedures individual UK Research Councils will initially take differing approaches to the implementation of the agreement.

For further information on the MoU and implementation by the UK Research Councils please see our Guidance on Implementation . This document was correct as of June 2016.

Brazilian applicants should also complete the FAPESP Research Proposal Form and FAPESP Consolidated Budget Spreadsheet to summarise the proposal and to state the costs being requested from FAPESP.

The forms are available on the FAPESP website here.

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