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Stage 4 - Sustainable Interactions

Mechanisms for supporting transnational research vary according to, for example, the priority of the research for one or both partners and/or the maturity of the relationship between partner country organisations. There are few standing dedicated schemes to support transnational collaboration but Research Councils are developing a toolbox of mechanisms which should help to develop durable opportunities for collaboration. Where research is inherently international (e.g. NERC and STFC) the funding for international collaboration is embedded in the activities of programmes, often within the UK contribution to specific multilateral organisations.

Schemes offered by the Research Councils include:

AHRC  AHRC-NSF Collaborative Funding Opportunity   USA 
BBSRC Responsive Mode Research Grants Worldwide
BBSRC BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship Worldwide
BBSRC, MRC Human Frontiers Science Program Long Term Fellowships Worldwide
BBSRC, MRC Human Frontiers Science Program Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships Worldwide
BBSRC, MRC Human Frontier Science Program Grants Worldwide
BBSRC, MRC Human Frontier Science Program Young Investigators Grants Worldwide
BBSRC, MRC European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Long Term Fellowships Worldwide
EPSRC Responsive Mode Research Grants Worldwide
EPSRC EPSRC First Grants Worldwide
ESRC ESRC Bilateral Workshops Worldwide
ESRC Inclusion of International Co-Investigators on ESRC Proposals Worldwide
ESRC ESRC-DFID Joint Scheme for Research on International Development (Poverty Alleviation) Worldwide
EPSRC Platform Grants Worldwide
MRC Inclusion of overseas co-applicants and collaborators on MRC Grants Worldwide

Note that funds to support larger research projects may also be requested by submitting a grant proposal through responsive mode.

Where appropriate, NERC's Research Programmes issue Announcements of Opportunity in partnership with overseas funding agencies, providing further opportunities for collaborative working. A list of current NERC funding opportunities is available from 

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