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Money Follows Researcher

The Research Councils are signatories to the Money Follows Researcher (MFR) scheme co-ordinated by Science Europe. Our participation in MFR allows Research Council funded researchers to take the remainder of their research grant to European countries where the Research Funding Organisation (RFO) has signed up to the scheme.

Details of other RFOs who have signed up to the scheme can be found on the Science Europe website.

The following criteria have been agreed by the UK Research Councils and must be met before any decision to transfer the grant can be made:

  • The request to transfer a grant must state the date of the transfer which must be a minimum of six months before the grant end date;
  • Only research grants can be transferred – fellowships are excluded from this arrangement;
  • Councils should be assured that the research will not be impaired by the transfer;
  • The new Research Organisation should enable the project to be successfully completed. The PI will have to make a scientific case for it and will have to explain the effects of the transfer, if any, on the aims and objectives of the proposal;
  • Information will have to be given on the impact on any staff supported by the grant whether they intend to move with the grant or not;
  • The normal requirement for the agreement of both the RO being left and the RO to which the grant is being moved must be provided;
  • Research Grants will only be transferred under these arrangements when the lead grant PI moves. The move of a Co-Investigator will not trigger a transfer;
  • Research Grants can only be transferred to an organisation equivalent to a UK HEI or other UK research organisation eligible to receive RCUK funding;
  • The transfer will be made to the new home organisation of the PI;
  • The new home organisation must be fully JeS registered before any transfer can take place;
  • Only Directly Incurred Costs (excluding Equipment) may be transferred. All other costs under the Directly Allocated, Estates Costs and Indirect Costs expenditure types are excluded from any transfer value;
  • Payments will be made to the new home organisation on the same basis as UK-based grants, normally quarterly and in sterling.

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