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Provide opportunities for excellent UK researchers to flourish in global research collaborations.

Once a shared vision has been developed, a shared approach to implementation is required to ensure efficient and effective ways to support excellent research. RCUK works flexibly to ensure that funding mechanisms can fit the variety of interactions necessary to build partnerships, from first contact to large collaborative programmes.

RCUK will:

  • facilitate international researcher partnerships

    RCUK encourages UK researchers to gain experience overseas and provides them with the professional and personal skills that underpin successful international collaboration. The RCUK Research Careers and Diversity Strategy sets out our approach to skills training, enhancing the mobility of UK researchers. RCUK supports international collaborations through visits, workshops and research grants.

  • engage with international partners to develop robust processes for implementing, assessing and evaluating international research collaborations

    Mechanisms for bilateral and multilateral research engagement can be complex and bureaucratic. RCUK will work with partners to align funding organisation processes, and develop efficient mechanisms for identifying and supporting excellent collaborative proposals.

  • help UK researchers gain access to the best data and facilities for their research, wherever these may be in the world

    Long term national planning through the biennial Large Facilities Roadmap supports agreement on priority funding for diverse facilities in the UK and overseas including research ships, high performance computing, subscription to large physical laboratories and access to social and economic data.

A successful outcome from this strategy will ensure that efficient mechanisms are in place to allow the best UK researchers to collaborate with their counterparts anywhere in the world, providing flexible opportunities for the UK research base.

Further information on the opportunities that RCUK has provided to support researchers in their research collaborations can be found here.

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