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Enhance the value and impact of research through international collaboration

Collaboration with overseas partners increases the impact of research and enhances the reputation of the UK as a preferred location for research and business investment. RCUK works with stakeholders to ensure that the impact of international collaboration is understood and enhances the international reputation of the UK.

RCUK will:

  • encourage UK researchers to consider the value of international collaboration when looking for partners

    RCUK will promote awareness among researchers and research institutions of the value of working with overseas partners to increase productivity and innovation. We shall identify and tackle barriers to collaboration.

  • promote the UK as a world centre for research and innovation

    High quality research attracts inward R&D investment by business and brings wealth to the UK. Most major enterprises are multinational, and many are keen to work with UK academics to develop innovative solutions to their business challenges.

    The UK continues to be an attractive location for overseas students and researchers. RCUK will work with others to attract the best minds to study and work in UK institutions, thereby increasing our capacity to work at the cutting edge.

By following this strategy, the UK will be recognised as a prime partner for collaborative R&D and investment from business, as well as a key destination for students and researchers from all over the world.

Further information on how RCUK enhances the value and impact of research through international collaboration can be found here.

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