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Increase RCUK influence in international research strategy and policy development

The first steps to developing the productive partnerships that lead to international collaborative research are taken by ensuring that the vision for collaboration is clear to potential partners. RCUK will work effectively with those partners to understand and shape shared ambitions, influencing agendas for the benefit of the UK research community.

RCUK will:

  • work with others to ensure coherence at the UK level

    RCUK influences and is influenced by a wide range of stakeholders; it aims to work effectively with them to ensure a coherent and considered UK position on issues relating to international collaboration.

  • increase influence and impact overseas

    It is becoming more important to work with overseas partners to ensure alignment of research priorities. Where we share priorities or have complementary strengths, RCUK works to leverage investment to mutual advantage. We value bilateral interaction with individual funding partners, and multilateral engagement via international organisations and programmes.

  • influence the political debate on policies that affect, for example, researcher mobility, regulatory affairs, and access to data

    RCUK seeks to influence the environment in which global research is conducted by shaping an appropriate regulatory environment and promoting best practice in areas such as peer review, open access to publications, and access to data.

By successfully following this strategy, RCUK will be well placed to lead and respond to changes in national and global research environments with a long term vision to provide flexible and creative solutions.

RCUK has undertaken a number of activities that influence international research strategy and policy development.

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