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Unlocking the future: Open Access communication in a global research environment


Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the British Library, on behalf of the Global Research Council (GRC), hosted a workshop in April 2015 to bring together publishers, funders, libraries and other stakeholders from across the world to discuss perspectives on open communication in a global research environment.

More than 50 people attended the lively two-day event, introduced by Chair of RCUK Professor Rick Rylance, which explored the value add of publishers, the role of repositories and the future of open access. It also considered shared ambitions and direction of travel for open access development internationally in order to align national policies.

A report on attitudes to the future of commercial publishing in the light of open access, commissioned by RCUK, also helped participants examine the current status of policy and practice and identify the next steps necessary to unlock the future.

Professor Rylance said: “RCUK is delighted to have worked with the British Library on this as well as all of our international and publishing colleagues. If at least one thing is agreed about Open Access, it is that it is a global issue and will require global thinking, as many contributors remarked. The work of the Global Research Council on Open Access is a great catalyst for beginning vital conversations which we will take forward at this year's GRC summit. It is also important to engage with all of those involved in the distribution of the results of research, and Mark Ware's report on developing attitudes among publishers, as well as publishers' contributions to the event, were constructive as well as illuminating.”

A note of the meeting, speaker presentations and the report, Evolution or revolution? Publishers’ perceptions of future directions in research communications and the publisher role are now available. Professor Rylance is updating the GRC on this event at its meeting in Tokyo on 28th May.

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