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Research Councils seek new Members for the Research Organisation Consultation Group


The Research Councils are seeking applications for membership of the Research Organisation Consultation Group (ROCG).

The group advises the Research Councils on all aspects of research funding administration and policy (see below for Terms of Reference). If you think you would be able to make a contribution to this group and would meet the requirements, set out below, please complete an online application by 4pm, 16 September 2016 via

The application asks the following questions;

  • Please explain your motivation for applying? (3,500 characters max)
  • What qualities can you bring to the role? (3,500 characters max)
  • What experience have you had with strategy and policy development within your Organisation? (3,500 characters max)
  • What do you see as the future challenges and opportunities for the Research Councils and the wider research funding landscape and how would you help ROCG to respond to them?  (7,000 characters max)
  • You will also be asked to provide a copy of your CV (limited to 2 pages of A4).

We aim to make decision by the end of September 2016 and successful candidates will be asked to attend the next meeting on Wednesday 9 November 2016 in Swindon. Note that applicants from previous recruitment rounds and past members are welcome to reapply.

Requirements for ROCG Membership:

  • Direct involvement in research administration in a Research Organisation (RO)
  • Experience of dealing with research and/or financial administration issues at an inter-RO level
  • An understanding and some knowledge of the work and operations of the Research Councils (RCs)
  • Knowledge of more than one RC desirable
  • Knowledge of both pre and post-award desirable
  • Experience with both research grants and training grants desirable
  • A commitment to contribute to the work of the group, sometimes on fairly short timescales, mainly via correspondence but some meetings
  • A commitment to consult widely on issues and to represent the views of research organisation administration staff beyond the individual’s own institution.

In addition, we will try to achieve a balanced membership in terms of geography, diversity and RO type.

Membership will last up to three years with a possibility of a one year extension.

The work of the group is carried out by correspondence and through two meetings per year, usually in Swindon, with representatives from the Research Councils. The Councils will pay the travel and subsistence costs associated with these meetings but no attendance fees are payable. It is important that candidates attend these meetings as membership is on an individual not institutional basis. Members may not send alternates or delegate responsibility for attendance to colleagues.

If you have any queries about making an application please contact the RCUK Research Funding Team at

The Terms of Reference of the ROCG are:

The role of the ROCG is to provide Councils and UKSBS with advice, from a Research Organisation (RO) perspective, on policies, processes and administrative arrangements associated with grants, studentships and fellowships.

To this end, it will:

  • Work closely with the Research Councils, bringing forward suggestions and reviewing proposals developed by the Councils;
  • Engage with the wider RO community to develop a representative perspective on issues, promote good communications between ROs and the Research Councils/UKSBS, and encourage the further development of good working practices within ROs.
  • The work of the group will be conducted by correspondence and by 1-2 meetings each year with representatives from G3 and other relevant Research Council colleagues.

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