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Publications and Resources

Research Councils UK produce a variety of publications and resources which provide resources for researchers and users of research; highlight the outcomes and impact of research; and set out policy and strategy. Publications are listed in chronological order, the first being the most recent.

  • Policy & Strategy
    The following publications highlight joint Research Council policy and strategy in a variety of areas such as Research administration, Impact, Public Engagement and Research Careers. Our publications reflect our Strategic Vision, with its objectives being reflected throughout these publications.

  • Reports
    The reports within this area highlight the impact of the work we do and the research we invest in.

  • Researcher Resources
    Publications within this area are aimed specifically at researchers and institutions. There is a range of information and tools that can help researchers to improve career development and prevent research misconduct. It is important for academics who receive Research Council funding to keep up to date with RCUK's current policies and guidance for researchers.

  • Submissions
    As the strategic partnership of the seven UK Research Councils, RCUK frequently submits written evidence to inquiries and consultations by government departments, Select Committees of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and to other organisations.

  • Archive
    The following publications have been archived by RCUK and are provided for reference purposes only.

Our latest publication is:

RCUK Strategic priorities and spending plan 2016

The Research Councils have a collective Strategic Priorities and Spending Plan . This document provides a summary of the ambitions, strategic direction and investment themes for the Research Councils’ collective and individual activities.

The plan follows the publication of allocation from the science and research budget, 2016-2020.

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