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Research Outcomes Overview

Research Councils UK have a responsibility to demonstrate the value and impact of research supported through public funding. RCUK uses information that researchers provide on the outputs, outcomes and impact (subsequently referred to as ‘outcomes’) of their Research Council-funded projects to report to, and engage with, both the Government and the public.

Collecting the outcomes and impact of research enables RCUK to:

  • provide a strong evidence base to support the continued funding of research in the UK
  • improve the quality of reporting about research outcomes to Government, the public and other organisations
  • strengthen policy and strategy development
  • develop and maintain a longer term relationship with award holders through the capture of new developments and impacts from research after an award has finished
  • improve communication with researchers and Research Organisations (ROs), offering new opportunities to explore how best to capture the results of research funding
  • engage and collaborate with the public, business, government and charitable organisations

The RCUK Research Outcomes Harmonisation (ROH) Project was undertaken to establish a harmonised method of collecting outcomes data.  Information on research outcomes attributed to all RCUK funded awards are now collected online via the facility known as researchfish ®.

The RCUK Research Outcomes Support Team is the central support team dedicated to being the first point of contact for non-technical/policy queries relating to RCUK funded awards on researchfish. If you have a query, please contact them by email at or by telephone on 0800 2922 478. For technical support on using the system, please contact Researchfish Ltd directly.

Submissions for the next RCUK Submission Period on Researchfish® will need to be made between 5th February 2018 and 15th March 2018.

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