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Statistics from the last data submission period

RCUK is very grateful for the assistance provided across all research organisations in support of this important information collection process.

The last data Submission Period ran from 6 February 2017 to 16 March 2017.  Compliance rates vary in any one year depending on (i) the type of researcher (i.e. whether Principal Investigator of a RCUK grant, or a researcher whose current/recent PhD studies were supported by an RCUK training grant, and (ii) whether the researcher is (code 1) or is not (code 4) still employed by /studying at the Research Organisation to which RCUK awarded the research / training grant. The compliance rates for each category are given in the table and chart below.

  2016     2017    
Researcher Type and Response Code Expected to submit actually submitted Compliance Expected to submit actually submitted Compliance
PI, Code 1 26493 26045 98% 25625 25266 99%
PI, Code 4 3920 2734 70% 3970 3061 77%
Student, Code 1 22504 18059 80% 9146 8067 88%
Student, Code 4 1048 360 34% 13792 6254 45%

In addition, PIs made submissions against 241 Response Code 2 awards, 65 Response Code 3 awards, and 5331 Response Code 5 awards and students made submissions against 85 Response Code 2 awards, 40 Response Code 3 awards, and 5 Response Code 5 awards For more information on the meaning and uses of Response Codes please go to

*all data correct as at 8 May 2017

There were 449,090 new outcome attributions added and submitted as part of the 2017 Submission Period, of which 55% were Publications. Overall the total number of outcomes added to Researchfish now stands at over 1,471,090

Although the RCUK submission period lasts approximately 6 weeks all researchers funded by RCUK are reminded they can add and edit outcome records in researchfish® throughout the year.

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