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Digital Economy Network+s

Digital Economy Programme logoWe set up four Network+s during the last delivery plan. These have now completed, however where links are still appropriate, they have been provided below.

The RCUK Digital Economy Theme has set up a Network+ in each of its four priority challenge areas each with £1.5 million funding over three years to:

  • Develop placements and secondments between users and the knowledge base
  • Support pilot projects at up to £50,000 each to help in the creation of higher quality research proposals
  • Identify, prioritise and develop future grand challenges in the digital economy area
  • Communities and Culture

    The Communities and Culture Network+ engages with digital transformations, bringing them together with a wider public through direct engagements, innovative methods and digital resources. The Network+ is led by Helen Thornham, University of Leeds

  • New Economic Models

    The New Economic Models (NEMODE) Network+ connects top-level research with trail-blazing digital technology firms. NEMODE are bringing together the brightest and most innovative minds to inform academic research and public policy, to give support to innovative businesses in digital technologies. The Network +is led by Roger Maull, University of Surrey

  • IT as a Utility

    The IT as a Utility Network+ are a collection of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers interested in interdisciplinary collaborative activity that relates to IT utilities applied across the whole spectrum of disciplines. The Network+ is led by Jeremy Frey, University of Southampton

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