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Energy Programme logoResearchers receiving support from the research councils for energy research or training need to be aware of the branding guidelines that should be used when publicising and acknowledging their activities.

Whilst we are seeking to increase the visibility of the programme and to enable energy research activities from different themes to be grouped together with ease we also recognise that the individual Research Council brands are important. The branding guidelines set out here aims to provide simplicity where there is more than one Research Council involved in supporting a project together with a balance between the Energy logo and individual Research Council logos where a single Council has funded a project. This will highlight the 'bigger picture' of energy research within the Research Councils; demonstrating how RCUK and the individual Councils are addressing and answering the big issues facing society as well as preparing for future challenges.

See use of logos and acknowledgement below.

The Research Councils UK Energy Programme is an RCUK cross-council initiative led by EPSRC. It brings together the work of EPSRC, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Natural Environment Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The Programme funds energy-related research and training across the Research Councils to address the international issues of climate change and security of energy supply.

Use of the Logos

For energy programme activities that are supported by more than one Council, we ask that the RCUK energy logo be used instead of individual research council logos in any publicity. This ensures that publicity material is clear and uncluttered and promotes a whole-systems approach to energy research.

For energy programme activities that are supported by a single Council, we ask that the individual Research Council logo is used instead of the Energy logo but a reference to the Energy programme should be included, for example: EPSRC logo + Part of the Research Councils UK Energy programme.


When referring to research funded under the energy programme, mentioning any individual research council is not required. If it is vital to refer to a specific research council please use the wording agreed across RCUK:

“The Energy Programme is a Research Councils UK cross council initiative led by EPSRC and contributed to by ESRC, NERC, BBSRC and STFC”.

Use of Sub-Brands

Prior to the energy programme identity being developed, sub-brands were already established such as SUPERGEN. We understand that some of these brands may initially be more recognisable than the energy programme and so they should be still be used but in conjunction with the energy programme branding.

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