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Energy Programme logoThe Energy Programme funds a wide spectrum of energy research and training, bringing together investments across the research councils. Its portfolio is developed in partnership with industry and public sector organisations to provide an innovation chain with routes for development of our outputs. Energy Programme research is funded through activities that provide a managed approach to developing the portfolio, often with the formation of multidisciplinary consortia.

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Wind turbines evoke a variety of emotional responses
People’s attitudes towards wind turbines are more complex than a simple case of love-or-hate, a social science researcher is discovering.
22 October 2013
British public split on nuclear power
Opposition to nuclear power in Britain has fallen since 2005 despite the Fukushima accident, says new research by the UK Energy Research Centre
19 September 2013
Microbes strip power from poo

Scientists are harnessing energy locked up in sewage to power waste water treatment plants.

16 September 2013
An interview with nuclear energy specialist Professor Robin Grimes

The Chief Scientific Adviser to the FCO talks about nuclear fission research, the long term role of nuclear power in the UK’s energy future, and perspectives on science advice from outside and inside Government.

13 August 2013
Turning waste paper to biofuels
Researchers from the BBSRC-funded Institute of Food Research (IFR) have successfully produced bioethanol from waste paper, as part of efforts to turn waste into valuable products.
31 July 2013
Wee-powered phones

Claiming a world-first, scientists from Bristol Robotics Laboratory, have used urine to produce electricity to charge a mobile phone.

23 July 2013
Latest research defines values which determine public acceptance of energy system change
The values and factors that influence people's decisions about whether to accept or reject changes to the energy system are revealed in a report published by the UK Energy Research Centre today.
16 July 2013
EPSRC-funded energy researchers showcase entrepreneurial skills

Fifty postgraduate students from across the UK recently took part in the first Energy Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (Energy YES), a four day programme specifically designed to enhance the business skills of researchers in the energy community.

19 June 2013
Research on geological storage of CO2 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

£3.27 million to study the geological viability and safety of storing CO2

07 June 2013
‘People power’ could be key to cutting workplace energy costs

EPSRC supports new ways to cut energy costs for businesses.

07 June 2013
Turning the leaf into a biodiesel factory
Plant biomass is a major source of renewable energy. Two of the prime challenges in bioenergy research are to improve the yield of biomass crops and to make the stored carbon more available for conversion into liquid biofuel.
21 May 2013
Researchers make breakthrough in race to create ‘bio-batteries’
Scientists at the University of East Anglia have made an important breakthrough in the quest to generate clean electricity from bacteria.
26 March 2013
Low temperature washing research shines through and cleans up

EPSRC-funded research by chemists at the University of Warwick and Aston University, into the potential use nanodiamonds in low temperature washing, attracted considerable worldwide media interest this week, both in print and online.

29 July 2012
Minister announces £3.5 million for SUPERGEN Bioenergy research hub

Science Minister, David Willetts announces a new research hub, spanning six research institutions, that will investigate the efficiency and whole-life impact of a variety of bioenergy techniques and accelerate the deployment of sustainable bioenergy.

17 July 2012
RATE Expert Group report for comment

The RATE Expert Group met on 2 & 3 May 2012 to develop the recommendations for refocusing the RATE programme.

27 June 2012
EPSRC/GSK announce creation of new Chair in Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Nottingham

EPSRC and industrial partner GSK have jointly invested in a Chair for Sustainable Chemistry to further strengthen the UK as a leader in life-sciences while contributing to environmental stewardship.

01 June 2012
Study takes novel 'back-casting' approach to transform cities for healthier lives

Researchers at four of the country's leading universities are embarking on a low carbon engineering project that could transform the way cities are built, as well as the way we live in them, by taking a novel 'back-casting' approach to their study.

29 May 2012
Unique EPSRC-funded test facility will help technology go with the flow

Developers of marine energy devices will soon be able to benefit from a wave and current test facility being built in Scotland.

22 May 2012
UK report could pave the way for producing sustainable biofuels

With the increasing appetite for 'green' energy technologies there are massive opportunities ahead for the UK in producing algal biofuels and other algae products.

14 May 2012
World-leading energy expert will help UK meet climate change targets

Professor Jim Skea has been appointed the Research Councils UK Energy Programme Strategy Fellow. He and his team will develop a new roadmap of research, skills and training across the entire energy landscape.

01 May 2012

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