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Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and more specifically antibacterial resistance, poses a global challenge to human and animal health as well as to the environment. Antibiotic overuse and misuse has led to a growing number of bacteria in humans, animals and the environment that are resistant to life-saving antimicrobial therapies. Urgent action is needed to halt the development of resistance, and to accelerate new treatments for bacterial infection.

Our response to this challenge has to span nations and research disciplines. The seven research councils work together to fund a wide range of research in AMR, in a cross-council initiative to develop collaborative approaches across research disciplines and to identify a number of research opportunities and challenges in tackling the rise in AMR. The current focus of this initiative is on resistant bacteria of humans and animals but we acknowledge antimicrobial issues in other classes of pathogens and other target species such as plants, which will not be addressed through this initiative.

Details of the cross council initiative’s investments in AMR can be found here.

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