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Dr Clare Postlethwaite

 Name: Dr Clare Postlethwaite


Age range:36-40

Research institution: Marine Environmental Data and Information Network, British Oceanographic Data Centre, Liverpool

Research career length: 8 years (full time equivalent)

Research Council: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Location: Liverpool, England

Salary: 22-29K

Brief summary of research: I work for an organization that aims to make marine data freely available to all

School qualifications:
A-levels: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology and Art

Qualifications post-school:
BSc in Mathematics with study in Continental Europe, Bristol University and University of Hannover
MSc in Oceanography, Southampton University
PhD in Oceanography, Southampton University

Career path:
Noble Gas Laboratory Scientific Manager, Southampton University
Post Doctoral Research Assistant, Southampton University
Sea Ice Modeller, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (now known as the National Oceanography Centre)
Standards Manager, Marine Environmental Data and Information Network

Computer modellers use computers to help them understand how the world works and to help predict what might happen in the future. Clare Postlethwaite, a sea-ice modeller, uses computer software to simulate how Arctic ice freezes, melts and moves and how other things, such as ocean temperature, affect it.

This career case study was produced by the Natural Environment Research Council and is available on their website


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