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Dr Martha Clokie

 Name: Dr Martha Clokie


Age range: 36-40

Research institution: Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Leicester

Research career length: 15 years

Research Council:
Medical Research Council (MRC) (also Wellcome Trust and Leverhulme Trust)

Location: Leicester, England

Salary: 40-49k

Brief summary of research: My research is to discover and describe new viruses that kill bacteria and to understand how we can use them for environmental and healthcare benefit

School qualifications:
A-levels: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, General Studies

Qualifications post-school:
PhD in Molecular Ecology, University of Leicester
MSc in Plant biodiversity and taxonomy, University of Edinburgh
BSc (Hons) in Botany and Genetics, 1st class, University of Dundee

Career path:
Reader in Microbiology at the University of Leicester
Lecturer at the University of Leicester
Visiting Scholar at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, USA
NERC PDRA at the University of Warwick. Title: Virus-mediated photosynthesis in the oceanic cyanobacterial picoplankton
NERC PDRA at the University of Warwick Title: Bacteriophage biodiversity and horizontal gene transfer in the marine environment

Viruses are natural enemies of bacteria and Martha Clokie studies how viruses infect blue-green algae, a marine bacteria. Her research contributes to understanding how bacteria infect humans to help develop new ways for treating human diseases.

This career case study was produced by the Natural Environment Research Council and is available on their website




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