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Bachelors degree  A bachelors degree (also called a first degree) is the qualification you receive after successfully completing a three (or four) year programme of degree-level study at university, or college.  
Daphne Jackson Trust A charity helping those with a background in science, engineering and technology return to work after a career break. 
Dissertation A long written essay or report presenting the student's research and findings, often completed during a final year of study for a first degree or masters. 
Doctorate / DPhil / PhD A postgraduate (ie. after Bachelor or Masters degree) academic degree usually lasting 3-4 years full time in which students have to do original academic research. It is the highest degree from a university and those who gain this degree become a doctor of their subject.  
Fellowship An award to enable independent research for various periods and at different career stages. 
Graduate  A person who has completed an undergraduate or first academic degree from a university or college. 
Interdisciplinary The combining of two or more different areas or subjects of study. 
Lecturer Members of staff responsible for teaching students in universities and for assisting students with their learning, they may also do research.  
Masters  An academic course usually lasting 1-2 years full time, in most cases you need to have bachelors degree first. Some masters are extended programmes which also combine undergraduate study (e.g. MEng: Master of Engineering, MChem: Master of Chemistry). 
Postdoc / postdoctorate A person engaged in research after their doctoral degree. 
Postgraduate A student who has already got one degree and is studying at a university for a more advanced qualification. 
Professor Usually one of the senior academic staff within a university or research institution who became a professor as a result of specialist research and teaching.  
Reader  A university lecturer at university of the highest grade below professor. 
Research Associate A research position at a university (or a similar institution). 
Research Fellow A research position at a university (or a similar institution). 
Stipend A fixed regular sum of money paid to a student during their study.  
Thesis A long essay or dissertation on a particular subject involving personal and original research, for a doctorate degree.  
Undergraduate If you are studying for your first degree/bachelors degree at university or college, you are an undergraduate.  

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