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Miss Victoria Smith

 Name: Miss Victoria Smith


Age range: 36-40

Research institution: NERC Space Geodesy Facility (SGF), Herstmonceux

Research career length: 1.5 years M.Phil ( Sussex University) 10.5 years SGF (during which 5 years spent part time at UCL for PhD).

Research Council:
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Location: Herstmonceux, England

Salary: 30-34k

Brief summary of research: Orbit determination of Earth Observation satellites using a laser, also conducting absolute gravity measurements to determine un-modeled influences in the data.

School qualifications:
A-levels: Physics, Mathematics, Sociology

Qualifications post-school:
BSc in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Sussex
MPhil in Cathodoluminescene of Silicates, University of Sussex
D.Phil (incomplete) in Absolute Gravity, UCL

Career path:
Technician, Pall Europe
Technical Support (Microelectronics), Pall Europe
Scientist, NERC

Observational satellites orbit the earth to collect highly detailed data such as ice cap measurements and land mass movement. Satellites are heavily influenced by atmospheric forces and Vicki Smith tracks satellites’ movements by using lasers to confirm that the information which they transmit is valid.

This career case study was produced by the Natural Environment Research Council and is available on their website


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